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Texas BBQ drive thru for big rigs

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Texas BBQ joint has a drive-thru for semi trucks !!!

A barbecue restaurant based in Andrews, Texas, is showing support for truckers with their large drive-thru that can accommodate semis.
Mustang Country BBQ, located at 1240 S. US Highway 385 in Andrews, Texas, boasts a unique attraction — a trucker-friendly drive-thru that allows drivers to order up some of their barbecue favorites and get back on the road quickly.
Mustang Country BBQ owner Martin Martinez told Fox West Texas that the drive-thru has attracted truckers from all over the southwest. “We’ve been blessed that we’ve had drivers come all the way from California, from New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma because they hear about us from other drivers, and they say we have to check this out. But when you actually have an 80,000 lbs semi come through here and they order their food and drive in and we can hand it to them and they drive off smiling that is huge, that’s unique and that’s different,” Martinez said.
In addition to the drive-thru, the restaurant also allows truck parking.

**info came from CDL life 



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