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We are honoring truckers and sharing their stories! Here is your opportunity to listen to inspiring stories from other drivers who are enjoying life over the road. They are making the most of the opportunity to travel. We share adventure, innovation and even a few tips to stay healthy while OTR. Sometimes a simple tip will make a big impact on others. OTR drivers are hard working and have so many fun adventures while over the road. They are generous to share creative solutions and new mindsets. These people are enjoying life over the road and will inspire all of us with their stories!

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Enjoying Life OTR podcast

#20 Trucking Past, Present & Future with Dan Barnett Enjoying Life OTR

Part two of my conversation with Dan Barnett.   Dan talks about trucking in the past, present and future.  We even touch on autonomous trucking and how it will affect OTR drivers.    If you missed last week's episode, be sure to check it out.  Dan experienced a hit and run incident by another trucker while in Chicago.  Don't miss that show.  Dan has a lot of wisdom to share, and this was a great show.    If you want to connect with Dan, he is on the Enjoying  Life OTR app…user name: MontfortLane.    We are honoring truckers and sharing their stories.  If you want to be on the show, email: Cindy.Tunstall@elotr.com.    Be sure to check out our free app: Enjoying Life OTR.  A social network designed for truckers.    Great place to share your favorite stops or find some new ones.   Y'all take care out there, and by all means, enjoy the journey!
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