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Having a successful career in trucking is only one aspect of enjoying life otr. We are covering topics that interest drivers and encourage a great life out here. Sometimes we are talking about the work, the trucks and always talking about the lifestyle! We are honoring truckers and sharing their stories! Here is your opportunity to listen to inspiring stories from other drivers who are enjoying life over the road. They are making the most of the opportunity to travel. We share adventure, innovation and even a few tips to stay healthy while OTR. Sometimes a simple tip will make a big impact on others. OTR drivers are hard working and have so many fun adventures while over the road. They are generous to share creative solutions and new mindsets. These people are enjoying life over the road and will inspire all of us with their stories!

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Enjoying Life OTR podcast

#33 Run Down Driver Inspired by Tragedy, Akil Ali Enjoying Life OTR

Akil Ali has been an OTR trucker for 10 years.    She was bored and burnt out!   Inspired to help her friends and family who were struggling with their health, Akil realized her trucking lifestyle also needed to change.   She is now making the most of the opportunity to travel while taking care of her health.   Akil shares some of her OTR adventures including a helicopter ride while on her 30 minute break!   Fun story!   She is experiencing healthy work/life balance while making the world a better place!   Akil has a great story that will  inspire you!     You can reach her at QueenCityOrganics704@gmail.com  or KDixon@shipmdtransport.com.   Connect on Social Media:Instagram: @QueenCityOrganicsFacebook:  Queen City OrganicsYoutube: @QueenCityOrganicsWebsite:  www.QueenCityOrganicsscorp.com If you have questions or would like information about being on our podcast, email: Cindy.Tunstall@elotr.com.  Be sure to check out our app: Enjoying Life OTR.   Free for Apple users and on Google Play. It's a great way to connect to our community.  We want to hear all of the ways you are Enjoying Life OTR!  
  1. #33 Run Down Driver Inspired by Tragedy, Akil Ali
  2. #32 ASE Master Mechanic, OTR team driver, Rob Davis
  3. #31 Tax Prep and Pros/Cons of Lease Purchase
  4. #30 Freight Broker Q&A
  5. #29 Cindy in the Windy City

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  1. #31 enjoyed talking with Monica Davis about her experience doing a Lease purchase to get into her dream truck as well as tax prep. Ugh! It’s that time of year! Hoping to take advantage of all the deductions I can get my hands on! Every little bit helps!

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