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Experience the adventure, well-being and joy of life over the road. Join our community and share your journey, your photos and favorite stops. Let’s enjoy all the amazing things this lifestyle has to offer. You’ve done and seen some amazing things, and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Check out our INTERACTIVE MAP! This was created by a trucker–for truckers! It’s a place to look ahead on your route and find some great places to stop alone the way. Whether you are looking for a good truck stop, a rest area or something fun to do on your 34. Check out the different places other drivers have posted along your route. If you have a favorite stop–you can add a location. If you took pics, be sure to include those so we can be inspired to check it out. This is our place to leave recommendations for places with good food along the way–many have truck parking and sometimes they don’t–but they are worth the trouble to get there! It will be nice to hear reviews and comments made from other drivers. Whether you have been driving for millions of miles or you are brand new to this life–we value you and want to help you enjoying life Otr!

Subscribe to our Podcast: ENJOYING LIFE OTR. Cindy Tunstall has met so many amazing men and women along the journey while trucking. She wanted a way to honor truck drivers and share their stories. Whether it’s crazy good weight loss while OTR, crazy adventures involving the police, creative ways to get out of the truck and explore, fun stories about the challenges of team driving, generous drivers helping others who are facing extreme challenges… and so much more! Enjoying Life OTR Podcast is available with all the major podcast players and also on our app. Click on the link above and you can subscribe on your favorite podcast player. Our latest episodes are always posted within our community. Check out the latest and subscribe so you don’t miss an episode!

Join our Facebook group: ENJOYING LIFE OTR Are you an OTR trucker looking for a community that understands the challenges and benefits of being over the road? Look no further than ENJOYING LIFE OTR Facebook group. We champion adventure, innovation and well-being for truckers like you. Whether you are looking for some feedback about an issue, easy recipes while OTR or tips to stay healthy–we’ve got you covered. We’re glad you are here!

Check out our Interactive Map when trip-planning, subscribe to our Podcast, join our Enjoying Life OTR Facebook group and Subscribe below so you don’t miss a thing!

Y’all be safe out there….and enjoy the journey!

Cindy Tunstall, Founder and CEO Enjoying Life OTR

Meet, Cindy Tunstall, Founder and CEO, Enjoying Life OTR

I’m Cindy, and Enjoying Life OTR is my big idea. I started my trucking company in early 2020, and I’m hooked! I’m trying to take advantage of the opportunity to explore while doing this job that I enjoy so much! I’m a foodie–love trying new stuff! I love the beach even though I’m land-locked in North Texas. I have big dreams, and I want to surround myself with people who have a passion to enjoy life. I’m looking forward to swapping stories with you! I created this community so we could share our favorite stops with each other. It makes trip-planning so much more enjoyable when we can look forward to doing something fun along the journey. The days are long and the work is stressful. Many days we don’t have the time or energy to look for something to do. I created this community and the interactive map so we can make it a little easier. I admire truck drivers so much. I drive too so I can appreciate the challenges. So let’s be generous and share our ideas. You have seen and done some great stuff, and we can’t wait to hear all about it! Enjoying Life OTR is a community designed for truckers by a trucker! I’m not some big tech giant–I’m just a little lady, trucking along… trying to make a position contribution. We can do that! Together, we can make the world a better place!

Join the movement for a life full of adventure, well-being and joy on the open road

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