Making Memories–My Wrigley Field Adventure

Balancing Work and Fun Over Memorial Day Weekend–for me, this is Enjoying Life OTR!

I’ve ben running hard. My friends were talking about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. They were excited to have some extra time off work. I had ONE free day. I’m balance the need to do something fun while feeling worn-out from a long work week. My hubby reminded me that the Cubs are in town, and there is a day-game on Sunday. The weather was going to be perfect, but I had to decide if it was worth the effort.

I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to visit Wrigley Field! Nothing like a day-game. So great feeling the warm sun on my face–especially when the temps are mild. I enjoy the long, slow pace of the game with the occassional bursts of energy from the crowd…everyone cheering for the home team. The thrill of watching a home-run or the excitement of seeing someone try to catch a foul ball! Enjoying a hot dog while sipping on a cold brew. Smelling all the different foods–especially peanuts! So fun! Wrigley Field is so iconic, and I have never been. I had to find a way to make it work. I reminded myself that adventure fuels my soul, and I went for it!

Overcoming Challenges to Make it Happen!

First obstacle–Truck Parking and Transportation to the game. I found truck-parking. (Not close but good enough.) Now I had to find transportation–I wanted to do something fun on my day-off, but I didn’t want to spend a small fortune doing it. UGH! Chicago has several options for public transportation. I found a route that would work, but decided I didn’t want to take that much time and effort. I decided to pay for Uber to get there faster. It was going to be pricey but worth it.

Next issue, getting a deal on a ticket. I went to the Cubs’ website, but found a cheaper ticket on Stub Hub. Super quick and easy! I paid $27 and sat down low. Great seat! Now my excitement was building! I couldn’t wait until game time!

First Time @Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field did not disappoint!

I loved the excitement of the crowd walking into the ballpark. So much hustle and bustle as family and friends were taking pics by the famous Wrigley Field sign. Got my selfie and couldn’t wait to get there! Wrigley Field is so special. It reminds me of a simpler time, and I love that so much! I arrived early and enjoyed the anticipation while I took a look around. Found a great spot to watch batting practice. I love the sound of the ball hitting the bat. The usher was kind to let me sit close as long as I agreed to move to my own seat after the national anthem. Deal!

My first Chicago Dog

I had my first Chicago Dog. (YUM!). I’m a foodie and love trying new stuff. Trying regional food is a big part of Enjoying Life OTR for me. Chicago Dog has tomatoes, peppers, mustard, onions, relish, celery salt then top it off with a tangy pickle. Seemed like a lot going on, but dang! It was so good! My mouth is watering just thinking about all of those flavors!

Go Cubs!

I had a blast rooting for the home team. Go Cubs! I enjoyed seeing families with little ones, and I was reminded of taking my own family to sporting events. Buying over-priced souvenirs, eating a little bit of everything while teaching the kids about the game. Fond memories! After the game, the crowd hustled out. The streets were blocked off. There was a music festival with several bands playing in the streets. Added bonus to end a great day!

After I had enough, I called an Uber. Great conversation with my driver. He just got his CDL so we talked about trucking the whole time. I told him about my box truck biz, and how I love traveling. We talked about the challenges the industry is facing. He shared his dream of owning his own truck. I shared how I got into the industry. We talked about changes in the market and ways to be successful. He has a great plan, and I enjoyed the conversation so much.

Wrigley Field for a day-game was a great call! I’m so thankful I decided to go. The game was a great change of pace when I have been running hard for the past few weeks! Thankful I had some time to play. It was a long day, but so fun! My heart was happy, and I slept-well after such an exciting day!

Have you done anything fun recently?

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