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Some of our favorite stops. Feel free to add your favorite stops to our map. Tell us about it and add some pics too. Can’t wait to see all the places you have been.

Check the box to filter the things you want to see on the map–or check them all! Zoom in to see what others have recommended along your route! On the specific locations, you can click on “Read more” to make comments or add more information about a stop. I can’t wait to see what is available when I’m trip planning!

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Truckers can’t rely on reviews from “four wheelers”. Truck parking is always an issue. There are so many great restaurants with truck parking, but finding them can take time. Even when we get an extended break, it’s a challenge to find things to do–especially when tired.

Once in awhile, we find a way to make it work! Sometimes we stop to stretch our legs, and stumble on a glorious view. Other times we stop for fuel, and find a great place to eat. We treasure these moments. We make notes–we plan to come back next time we are passing through.

This will be our place to share ideas, fun adventures, good food and reliable services that help us keep moving. The interactive map will allow us to see what recommendations have been made by others. We might find something great that is within our route. We can’t control the content that is shared, so use these posts for inspiration. Hop on satellite view to see what the truck parking looks like–it is simply our desire to inspire each other to get out of that truck and enjoy some of the good stuff along the way. We work so hard–we deserve a little joy on the journey! Help us out by sharing your recommendations. Let’s stay inspired to enjoy life over the road!

Join the movement for a life full of adventure, well-being and joy on the open road

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